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Steps to try

If you're experiencing build issues or runtime issues in VisionCamera, make sure you try the following before opening an issue:

Build Issues

  1. Try building through Xcode instead of the commandline. The error panel should give you more information about any build errors.
  2. Try cleaning and rebuilding everything:
    rm -rf package-lock.json && rm -rf yarn.lock && rm -rf node_modules
    rm -rf ios/Podfile.lock && rm -rf ios/Pods
    npm i # or "yarn"
    cd ios && pod repo update && pod update && pod install
  3. Check your minimum iOS version. VisionCamera requires a minimum iOS version of 12.4.
    1. Open your Podfile
    2. Make sure platform :ios is set to 12.4 or higher
    3. Make sure iOS Deployment Target is set to 12.4 or higher (IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET in project.pbxproj)
  4. Check your Swift version. VisionCamera requires a minimum Swift version of 5.2.
    1. Open project.pbxproj in a Text Editor
    2. If the LIBRARY_SEARCH_PATH value is set, make sure there is no explicit reference to Swift-5.0. If there is, remove it. See this StackOverflow answer.
    3. If the SWIFT_VERSION value is set, make sure it is set to 5.2 or higher.
  5. Make sure you have created a Swift bridging header in your project.
    1. Open your project (.xcworkspace) in Xcode
    2. Press File > New > File (+N)
    3. Select Swift File and press Next
    4. Choose whatever name you want, e.g. File.swift and press Create
    5. Press Create Bridging Header when promted.
  6. Try building without Frame Processors. Set $VCEnableFrameProcessors = false in the top of your Podfile, and try rebuilding.

Runtime Issues

  1. Check the logs in Xcode to find out more. In Xcode, go to View > Debug Area > Activate Console (++C).
    • For errors without messages, there's often an error code attached. Look up the error code on to get more information about a specific error.
  2. If your Frame Processor is not running, make sure you check the native Xcode logs. There is useful information about the Frame Processor Runtime that will tell you if something goes wrong.
  3. If your Frame Processor is not running, make sure you are not using a remote JS debugger such as Google Chrome, since those don't work with JSI.
  4. If you are experiencing black-screens, try removing all properties such as fps, videoHdr or format on the <Camera> component except for the required ones:
    <Camera device={device} isActive={true} style={{ width: 500, height: 500 }} />
  5. Investigate the camera devices this phone has and make sure you're using a valid one. Look for properties such as id and hardwareLevel.
    const devices = Camera.getAvailableCameraDevices()
    console.log(JSON.stringify(d, null, 2))


If nothing has helped so far, try browsing the GitHub issues. If your issue doesn't exist, create a new one. Make sure to fill out the template and include as many details as possible. Also try to reproduce the issue in the example app.

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